Near death: Karen Thomas

In this blog post I would like to cordially invite you to watch the 42-minute interview with Karen Thomas, from Anthony Chene’s excellent YouTube channel on near-death experiences and spiritual growth. Karen is now 73 and talks in a truly authentic way about what happened to her in a near-death experience well over forty years ago. She is not herself a student of A Course in Miracles, but for me it was breathtaking to notice one Course parallel after another as her story unfolded. Concepts such as forgiveness, the dream world versus the real world, the meaning of kindness, the nature of the peace that surpasses all understanding, the guidance by the Holy Spirit, the oneness of life, and the importance of practicing daily with monitoring the quality of your own thoughts, are all featured in this interview — and they are not only confirmed first-hand, but often also deepened in a very practical way.

So here is the interview. Please forward the link to whomever you think may benefit from it. By the way, all interviews on Anthony Chene’s YouTube channel are heartily recommended as far as I’m concerned. The field of near-death experiences should be of interest to all spiritual aspirants. The similarities in all these stories, irrespective of origin, gender, culture or living condition, are truly fascinating. There is no death; there is only a dream from which we are slowly beginning to awaken — only to find that for all the inner peace that we find, we have to give up nothing.

— Jan-Willem van Aalst, May 2023





4 thoughts on “Near death: Karen Thomas

  1. malcom hess

    Our Creative Self

    When I look upon an(other)
    I but see myself
    In another place and time

    I suppose if I would open my eyes a bit wider, I would also see creation happening. Each….fulfilling their purpose….by the extension of Love.

    I had a NDE at age twenty-two and experienced peace and joy as simply all that is. I was given a choice and chose to return to fulfill my earthly purpose. I’m still figuring out how to do that.
    Thank you for your endeavors.

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  2. Steven LaCour

    This is a very kind women whose story is common for those relating near death experiences. She was still in form and in the world when this seemed to happen. It is similar to many sleeping-at-night dreams humans seem to experience during sleep. What she seems to see,seems to hear,and seems to feel correlates with form. She is the dreamer of a different dream but it’s still a dream. She is in the world,in a body. She has eyes that don’t see,ears that don’t hear,and a brain that does not think. Wapnick counsels us about this. In his CD “The Time Machine”,he refers to ego as the “evil genius”. Near death experiences are ego ploys…hallucinations and magic. “God is an idea.”
    These are supposed happenings in the world,ego defenses and miscreations which seem so very “real”. As Jesus says 25 times in the Course…”It does not matter.”
    This was over long ago. There is no death.
    There is no birth. In truth,our minds are blank. Jesus says that too.



    1. Thank you for your insights. Be sure, though, not to forget the two levels that Kenneth talked about so much. Your comment is a Level I statement, reflecting the ultimate nondualistic truth. Agreed 100%. However, as long as we still experience ourselves as waking up each morning in a body (Level II, the dream world), events like these can be very helpful for our Level II process of learning to forgive. “The curriculum is highly individualized, and all aspects are under the Holy Spirit’s particular care and guidance” (M29.2:6). That may include an NDE which, however illusory it may be, could be very helpful for other people’s Atonement path as well. Seen in that light, I do not believe that NDE’s in general are ego ploys – the feeling of the “peace that surpasses all understanding” is too authentic for that. Rather, I believe they’re part of the ‘particular care and guidance’ that the Holy Spirit offers us on our way back Home to nonduality.


      1. Steven LaCour

        Hello J.W.,
        Thank you for your kind response. You make a good point. And,of course,you may be right.

        Steven LaCour


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