How do I get past condemning?

As good Course students, we know that our most important function here in this life is to learn how to truly forgive. Yet we all notice that we keep rejecting people and circumstances; we want things to be different. No matter how hard we try to think and live lovingly, the ego seems to be undefeatable. Very frustrating. How do I get past condemning, so that I can truly experience the lasting inner peace I desire so deeply?

On February 7th, 2021, I did an online workshop on this topic for “Miracles in Contact“, the Dutch Course community. The workshop lasted 90 minutes (50 for the lecture, and 40 for group interaction about the practical application of the ideas). The video contains visual references to Course passages I quoted. Although the talk was in Dutch, manually edited English subtitles are available. On YouTube, you can view the workshop here:

“How do I get past condemning?” – MIC workshop, Feb. 7th, 2021.

Enjoy! Please do not hesitate to leave a comment on the YouTube page, or ask your question at the end of this blog page.

— Jan-Willem van Aalst

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