All you need is Love

This immortal tagline of the hippie-period in the late sixties (coinciding with the period when A Course in Miracles was taken down by Helen Schucman — coincidence?) is regarded by many as the essence of spirituality. Or, by those who are not into spirituality, as the essence of the denial of one’s responsibilities in the world. After all, we do need to defend ourselves against all sorts of threats, be they psychological or physical, if we are to ensure any measure of safety here. At least that’s what anyone believes who is still convinced he is a body, which means virtually all of us.

From the perspective of A Course in Miracles, there’s an important distinction between love and Love. With the former, it seems I need the love from someone outside of me to complete me; to fill the searing lack that prevents me from feeling fulfilled. In the Course, this is called special love: the attempt to find a substitute for the Love of God which we believe we abandoned by trying separation, to be autonomous and apart from God, who is Love. Special love, therefore, isn’t about love at all — it’s keeping another in prison, accepting him or her only as long as your special love needs appear to be met. (This constant strain of judgment, by the way, is the root cause of all illness — first in the mind, then in the body. That’s why healing is always of the mind.)

Love (capital L), on the other hand, is something entirely different. In his Course, Jesus makes it clear that God equals Love (cf. WpI-46); the Holy Spirit is the Voice for Love. Jesus is a manifestation of this Voice for Love. Since he also makes it clear that you and I and he are perfect equals (T-1.II.3), Love (capital L) is the core of what you and I are. That’s why, in chapter 6 of the Text, Jesus implores us to “Teach only Love, for that is what you are.” (T-6.I.13). We made the world, the body and its sensory apparatus solely to distract the mind, to prevent it from remembering this simple truth, since this realization would obviously herald the end of the separation, the end of autonomy and of our individuality. Ouch!

The question “What am I?” can only be answered by keeping in mind this all-important distinction between form (what we perceive) and content (beyond the senses). In the final one-page summary in part II of the Workbook, Jesus answers the question “What am I?” as follows for all of us: “I am God’s Son, complete and healed and whole, shining in the reflection of His Love. In me is His creation sanctified and guaranteed eternal life. In me is love perfected, fear impossible, and joy established without opposite. I am the holy home of God himself. I am the Heaven where His Love resides. I am His holy Sinlessness Itself, for in my purity abides His Own.” (W-pII.14.1). Again, since God equals Love, our very essence equals Love as well.

So yes, it’s true: “All you need is Love”. Be sure, however, that you realize that this does not mean you need it because you now lack it. More precisely, the statement should read: “All you need is the acceptance of the Love that you already have and are.” Accepting this requires that I ask the Holy Spirit (or Jesus) for help in looking at all my rejections, all my condemnations, every non-loving thought that I ever choose, to realize the self-sabotaging nature of all of this. Every thought that is not born of Love is self-sabotage. I therefore have only one problem: non-forgiveness, for which there is only one solution: forgiveness. Therefore, choosing forgiveness (the meaning of the miracle, which is an expression of love) is the ‘royal road’ to accepting the essence of myself and all my brothers as Love.

Does this mean that I should never engage in a special love relationship in my life here on earth? Certainly not! Jesus never advocates asceticism in his Course. On the contrary, he invites us to live a very active life in time and space, only mindful instead of mindless. Following Jesus’ guidance, in each special relationship we can learn to clearly distinguish between the form of the love (e.g., usually physical attraction or desirable character traits), and the content of the person with whom we’re in a special love relationship with, which is unchangeable Love. It’s the focus on the content that turns the special relationship into a holy relationship, as we realize the absolute sameness and sinlessness in all of us. Even when the form disappoints, perhaps even resulting in a divorce, we can still choose to see the perfection of the content in the other, allowing us to part ways in a loving manner.

“Behold his sinlessness, and be you healed” (W-pII.357.1:5) is an apt summary of the core of Jesus’ forgiveness teachings in A Course in Miracles, where “his” evidently refers to everyone and everything we perceive around us. Regardless of the behavioral forms our senses perceive and interpret, in content you and I and all of us are all still united as the One sinless Son of God. This teaching also affirms that we should not seek for special love from a brother with the purpose to complete us — in content, we already are complete. We merely need accept the Love that is already present in all of us. This paves the way for the timeless experience of the oneness Love that we, as the one Son of God, truly are. Again, all you and I need is acceptance of the Love you and I already have and are. With the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit (or Jesus), we cannot fail. So why wait for Heaven?

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